The arrest a few days ago of the Turkish refugee inside the building of the Asylum Service undoubtedly constitutes an unprecedented unlawful action against the very core of the rule of law. The Turkish refugee had been granted international protection by virtue of a decision of the Independent Appeals’ Committee and he was subsequently put in administrative detention following the issuance of an interim order by the President of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens suspending the aforementioned decision.

This unlawful arrest and detention is part of a series of violations committed by the Executive against the rights of the 8 Turkish military asylum seekers and refugees and lies in contravention with fundamental principles of the rule of law, namely the presumption of innocence, the principle of confidentiality, the right to liberty. They also mark the continuous slippage of the Government and of the Minister of Migration Policy into policies, obviously, of expediency at the expense of legality.

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