AITIMA started an initiative to call on the authorities to stop using unsuitable detention facilities for irregular migrants and asylum seekers. 

In the context of this initiative we conducted meetings with the competent authorities and other stakeholders.  

There was also a joint open letter to the competent authorities signed by 16 actors. 



The Open letter

The press release for the open letter.

Today NGO Aitima together with 15 other actors from civil society as well as from academia sent an open letter to the Greek Minister for Citizen Protection and the Chief of the Greek Police asking them to stop holding irregular migrants and asylum seekers in inappropriate facilities.

The use of inappropriate detention facilities has been a long-standing problem in Greece and has been the reason for successive decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, which has ruled that Greece has violated article 3 of the European Convention of Human Rights, as well as for many critical reports by the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment.

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The Italian organization ASGI, which is AITIMA partner in the context of international networks such as ECRE and PICUM, is visiting Greece to be updated regarding the situation in our country in relation with the EU-Turkey Statement.
In the context of this visit, we met a member of ASGI team in order that we inform her about the current situation.
We also used this opportunity to discuss ways to strengthen our co-operation, given that both our countries and our organizations face similar challenges in the field of migration and asylum.

AITIMA continued monitoring the system of administrative detention of irregular immigrants and asylum seekers and offering free legal assistance to detainees through regular visits to detention areas in Attica and Korinthos.
Based on our findings we appealed to the competent authorities so that the rights of the detainees are observed and we also informed the Ombudsman and the UNHCR. 

The issues we raised were related to:
• Medical screening of detainees on admission to the Pre-removal Centres
• Use of administrative detention as a measure of last resort
• Access to the asylum procedure for detainees
• Unhindered processing of the detainees’ asylum applications during detention and after release.
• Protection of LGBT detainees as a particularly vulnerable group.

Migrant reception conditions are well below international standards, especially on the Aegean islands (...)The Commissioner urges the authorities to reconsider the geographical restriction which prevents migrants arriving in the islands from leaving.

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